A Peaceful Flow

A Peaceful Flow

Let your body feel into the sensation of expansiveness and the cooling rivers that run within, find the […]

A Gentle Sun Salutation: For Beginners or A Relaxed Practice

A Gentle Sun Salutation

This sun salutation moves slowly through the motions, with the option to use blocks, so you don’t feel […]

Hip Opening Tree Flow

Hip Opening Tree Flow

This fun flow created for a private client challenges your balance while alternating between adding force to the […]


Hasta Vinyasa

This sequence of hand and arm movements looks simple, but it provides great opening in the chest and […]

Body Yantra: ASIS + Sacrum

This meditation provides a framework for you to relax your body through the visualization of a yantra, or […]


While sitali is the perfect breath to learn for summer, it is also handy any time of year […]