The Bliss Practice: Balance The Waters

The practice is from my “live” classes held Tuesday evenings via Zoom from the Om Fairy® studio. The Bliss Practice focuses on long-held, passive asanas to target the fascia, connective tissue, and joints in the body, providing a feeling of release similar to a deep tissue massage. We’ll utilize not only the postures of yin, but self massage techniques and marma therapy to further enhance the practice, leaving you feeling blissed out and replenished. Details to join me live can be found on my weekly schedule.

This Bliss Practice will focus on the vrukka marma point, which ties to our kidneys and our water channels and can be a great point to work with to balance our emotions and address stress and adrenal fatigue. Plus we’ll work into the hips and low back in our yin practice.

Props: Blocks, blankets, and bolsters are encouraged.

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Disclaimer: As always, be conscious of your body and how it is feeling today, in this moment. If you feel any pain, discomfort, or dizziness, you should stop practice immediately, and seek medical advice as appropriate. Never apply force to move into a position that is unsafe for your body. By utilizing this website, you agree to all Terms & Conditions including the Health & Safety Disclaimer.

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