Hasta Vinyasa 2

This sequence of hand and arm movements looks simple, but it provides great opening in the chest and shoulders. Practice it daily and you’ll soon see a difference in the flexibility of your upper body!

Props: Anything to provide a comfortable seat.

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Disclaimer: As always, be conscious of your body and how it is feeling today, in this moment. If you feel any pain, discomfort, or dizziness, you should stop practice immediately, and seek medical advice as appropriate. Never apply force to move into a position that is unsafe for your body. By utilizing this website, you agree to all Terms & Conditions including the Health & Safety Disclaimer.

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2 thoughts on “Hasta Vinyasa

  • Rita B Girman

    Hi Courtney!
    It’s Rita from Breathe (from Flying Lotus). I just tried a couple of your short flows as I’m attempting to ease into movement after being sick for over 3 weeks (maybe Coronavirus but couldn’t qualify for testing) and at the same time dealing with a back injury. (How, you ask? Believe it or not, it was while using my yoga hammock. I’d started to feel a bit better so I did a workout on my hammock. I think my back was weak from coughing and not hiking or otherwise exercising, and I know which stretch did it). Anyway, I’m recovering now and I found your OM Fairy emails and went on to your web site. I did a couple Hasta Vinyasa and Hip Strengthening, and they felt amazing. You and your studio are lovely, and I appreciated the precision and detail in your videos. Other yoga practitioners are now offering online classes, but the quality of yours are superior, probably because you’ve worked on your business presence and have more experience with this. I hope you will start a YouTube channel as so many of us are hungry for good online classes these days.
    Anyway I really wanted to connect with you, to let you know how you are helping me and others during this time of pandemic and social isolation. I hope you are healthy and secure.

    • Courtney Krishnamurthy Post author

      Hello Rita! Oh how I miss my community from Breathe. Sorry to hear you have been sick and dealing with a back injury, and especially sad to hear you couldn’t get a test. The Hasta Vinyasa is a great practice to get the thoracic cage mobile again! I’m glad you found the site and the videos and they are helpful. That’s why they are here!

      I am offering online classes via Zoom. You can get the details on timing and the links on my site, under the weekly schedule. I love this medium for the weekly classes right now because we can actually chat before and after class, similar to the real world. You can also practice with me on YouTube which mostly has the practices I post here, just a few less. If you are on Facebook, I also have a new group page, Om Fairy’s Daily Dose of Magic which posts all of the recordings of the Zoom classes, as well as other goodies from time to time.
      Thanks for reaching out! I really appreciate hearing how the content I’ve put my heart and soul into is affecting those who use it. If you know anyone who could use a little yoga or meditation, please share it with them! Teaching to a camera is a special skill, one I’ve been working on for over 5 years now, and if you dig back through my old stuff, hopefully you’ll see evolution!
      Much love and levity, and stay safe!